Renting Tips

This can be a little daunting if you are going through the processes of finding or renting a property for the first time.

The main issue that seems to arise from time to time is that tenants often wonder what to do when they wish to submit an application on a property. What to bring? Have I got all the information I need?

Tenants who do not have a “rental history” – find it difficult as this is an important part of the list of criteria a Property Manager will look at when assessing a potential tenant for a property.

If you are renting for the first time, it may pay to place your parent’s details as a personal reference on the application form so they can be your reference we contact. Placing your parents as a guarantor is also highly recommended in this instance.

A Property Managers main concern when accessing an application, is whether the tenant is able to pay their rent on time and their ability to look after the property within the terms of the Landlords contract.

If you are looking for a property and you have sold your home, then list the name and contact number of the Agent as a reference.